Changing the way you grill, relax, & keep things cold in your outdoor space!

We don’t just offer pools and hot tubs to make your outdoor space more fun and relaxing. We offer a full line of outdoor products that range from grills & smokers to BBQ sauces; from pizza ovens to outdoor furniture; from wood fired pellet grills to an entire outdoor kitchen.

  • Don’t miss your next outdoor party because you’re stuck in the kitchen prepping and cooking. Bring the kitchen outdoors with a Bull Outdoor Kitchen. Change the way you Barbecue.
  • Lounge in style and comfort with funriture by Seaside Casual.
  • Change your grilling experience with Primo Ceramic Grills
  • Taste the differnce when you grill with Green Mountain Grills wood fired pellet grills.
  • Fuel your wood fired pellet grill with Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets.
  • Create chef-grade pizzas with an outdoor, portable Fontana Forni Pizza Oven.
  • Cook your favorite meats to perfection with a Gateway Drum Smoker.
  • Don’t forget the very best in bbq tools: Man Law Premium BBQ Tools.
  • Lather Blues Hog Barbecue Sauce on your your grilling masterpieces.
  • Make outside your favorite place to be when you’re home with Firegear Outdoor hearth products.
  • Get a Pelican Cooler to keep your ice frozen for days, even on hot Summer days.
  • We have professional service before, during & after your installation.

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